The Goals of our Organization


Very briefly, the goals of Schoolhouse #8 History Center & Museum are sixfold:

1) To build a solid administrative base upon which the project can move forward with physical restoration. This included forming a not-for-profit corporation with 501-3 status; conducting title searches and surveys, doing all necessary legal work to gain ownership of the formerly privately held schoolhouse property, gaining NYS Sales Tax exemption status, and finally, by wiping out indebtedness for back taxes. 

2) To restore the old one room schoolhouse, located at 12378 Ketchum Road in the township of North Collins, to its condition in the early 1900s.

3) To relocate the structure to 2101 School Street in North Collins; a setting that allows ready access by the public and by students as well as improved security

4) To furnish the schoolhouse with vintage furniture, books, and teaching aids, as well as historical documents and memorabilia associated with one-room schoolhouses.

5) To establish programs for educational institutions as well as the general public that will allow everyone to gain an appreciation of the early 1900s educational environment.

6) To operate as a New York State chartered museum.

Among the things to be learned from a visit to this restored schoolhouse will be:

A) That very little space was available (20’ x 23’) for use by one teacher to instruct as many as eight different grade levels

B) That there was no electricity 

C) That the only heat was a pot bellied stove

D) That there were no indoor toilet facilities (only an outhouse) 

E) That the teaching aids available to the teacher were meager by today’s standards. That there was no easy method of communication to get help outside the schoolhouse in case of an emergency

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