Schoolhouse #8 History Center & Museum

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Originally built in 1857, Schoolhouse #8 was one of several one-room schoolhouses in the North Collins area that provided the means for public education for almost a century. These small rural schoolhouses were closed in 1950 when centralization of the school district was finalized, moving all public school education to a single location within the Village of North Collins.

As a way of sharing an important part of our rural American heritage, Schoolhouse #8 History Center & Museum is dedicated to preserving this one-room rural schoolhouse, complete with period appropriate furnishings, teaching aids, and memorabilia. We believe that the educational environment has changed so dramatically within the past one hundred years, that words cannot adequately convey the developments.  The best way to experience the changes is for current and future generations to visit and be able to see and touch a real, restored, rural school like the one in which many of their ancestors were educated.

On this website you will find information about what it took to restore the one-room schoolhouse, the goal of the Schoolhouse #8 History Center & Museum, pictures recording all of the developments on the schoolhouse, ways you can help our organization to make the schoolhouse an even better experience for present and future generations, information on the North Collins community, and lastly, how to locate us and contact our organization.


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