Schoolhouse #8 Support
~ Board of Trustees ~
The significant progress realized on the Schoolhouse #8 "Restoration/ Museum Project" has resulted from the combined support of Government, Individuals, Businesses, Memorial Funds, Churches, Educational Institutions, Professional Organizations, Volunteer Organizations, and the Schoolhouse #8 Board of Trustees.

The Board of Trustees, often working behind the scenes, was the team that organized activities, made key decisions, raised funds and in general were “the glue” that held the project together. The following is a list of the people who are either serving now, or have served in the past, as Directors/ Trustees of Schoolhouse #8.

Board of Trustees - Officers

June Karbowski
Allene Smith
John Haas
Margaret Orrange
Roni Willet
Vice President
General Fund Treasurer
Endowment Fund Administrator

Board of Trustees - Members

Jean Avery
Ann Converso
Vicki Haas
George Jablonski
Marcy Jablonski
Pat Lawton
Paul Lawton
Brian Lendway
Barbara Nichols
Richard Schaus
Mary Ellen Skora
Richard Smith
Charleen Spicola
Joanne Wittmeyer
Jeanne Young

Former Directors/Trustees

David Willett, President Emeritus

Terry Blidy
Georgianne Bowman
Jay Braymiller
Doris Bolton Chalfant
Ethel Kohn Duncan
Mary Dylik
Michelle Filer
David Franczak *
Sharon Gallagher
Frank Gallaway
Pat Hamman
John Keough
Don Lawton
Margaret Mackey
Edward J. Patton *
Terry Remington
James K. Renaldo
Francis Ricotta
Pat Ricotta
Richard Taczkowski *
Michael Trainor
Marian Vanni
* Founding Director

Updated 09/06/2019